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Felix Mauersberger, Ph.D.




Contact Information

Institute for Applied Microeconomics
Adenauerallee 24–42
53113 Bonn
Visitor address:
Lennéstraße 43
Room 4.002
53113 Bonn
Phone: +49 228 73-9467

Main Research Interests

  • Behavioral Economics
  • Experimental Economics
  • Applied Economic Theory

Curriculum Vitae

Available via Felix’s personal website.


Mauersberger, Felix (2021): “Monetary policy rules in a non-rational world: A macroeconomic experiment.” Journal of Economic Theory, in press. DOI:

Mauersberger, Felix; Nagel, Rosemarie; Bühren, Christoph (2020): “Bounded rationality in Keynesian beauty contests: a lesson for central bankers?” Economics, 14 (2020-16): 1–38. DOI: 10.5018/economics-ejournal.ja.2020-16.

Mauersberger, Felix; Nagel, Rosemarie (2018): “Levels of Reasoning in Keynesian Beauty Contests: A Generative Framework”, Handbook of Computational Economics, Volume 4, Heterogeneous Agents. Editors: Cars Hommes and Blake LeBaron.

Working Papers

Available via Felix’s personal website.





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