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Dr. Simon Dato



Contact Information

Adenauerallee 24–42
Room 084
53113 Bonn
Phone: +49 228 73-9214
Email: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

Main Reserach Interests

  • Behavioral Economics
  • Personnel Economics
  • Experimental Economics
  • Organizational Economics

Curriculum Vitae

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  • Gender Differences in Competition and Sabotage (with  P. Nieken), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2014, 100: p. 64-80
  • Asymmetric Employer Information, Promotions, and the Wage Policy of Firms (with A. Grunewald, M. Kräkel, and D. Müller), Games and Economic Behavior, 2016, 100: p.  273-300
  • Expectation-based Loss Aversion and Strategic Interaction (with A. Grunewald, D. Müller, and P. Strack), Games and Economic Behavior, 2017, 104: p. 681-705
  • Expectation-Based Loss Aversion and Rank-Order Tournaments (with A. Grunewald and D. Müller), Economic Theory, (2018), 66: 901-928
  • Lying and Reciprocity (with E. Feess and P. Nieken), Games and Economic Behavior, 2019, 118: p. 193-218
  • Gender differences in sabotage: The role of uncertainty and beliefs (with P. Nieken), Experimental Economics, forthcoming


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