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Dr. Verena Tiefenbeck




Contact Information

Institute for Applied Microeconomics
Adenauerallee 24–42
53113 Bonn
Visitor address:
Lennéstraße 43
53113 Bonn
Fon: +49 228 73-9249
Fax: +49 228 73-9239


Office hours by arrangement via e-mail


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Current Positions

  • University of Bonn, Germany

Postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Applied Microeconomics

  • ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Research associate leading the Bits to Energy Lab at ETH Zurich (Department of Management, Technology and Economics) and lecturer at the Computer Science department

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Main Research Interests

    • Behavioral Economics (behavioral interventions, field experiments, salience of information, real-time feedback)
    • Environmental Economics (rebound effects, energy and water consumption, PV-battery systems)
    • Information Systems Research (internet of things, green information systems)
    • Field Experiments

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    Curriculum Vitae

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    Working Papers

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    • Tiefenbeck, V. (2017), Bring behaviour into the digital transformation. Nature Energy 2(5), p.17085, doi:10.1038/nenergy.2017.85.
    • Santini, S., Tiefenbeck, V. (2017), Editorial: 6th DACH+ Conference on Energy Informatics (EnInf 2017). Computer Science - Research and Development (forthcoming).
    • Ableitner, L., Tiefenbeck, V., Hosseini, S., Schöb, S., Fidgen, G., Staake, T. (2017). Real-world impact of Information Systems: the effect of seemingly small design choices. Workshop on Information Technology and Systems (WITS), Seoul, South Korea, Dec. 14.
    • Dahlinger, A., Wortmann, F., Tiefenbeck, V., Ryder, B., Gahr, B. (2017), Feldexperiment zur Wirksamkeit von konkretem vs. abstraktem Eco-Driving Feedback. Prototype & Experiment Track at the 13th Internationl Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik, St. Gallen, Switzerland, Feb. 12.
    • Tiefenbeck, V., Kupfer, A., Ableitner, L., Schöb, S., Fleisch, E., Staake, T (2016), The uncertain path from good intentions to actual behavior: A field study on mobile app usage. AIS electronic library proceedings of the pre-ICIS DIGIT Workshop, Dublin, Ireland, Dec. 11.
    • Ableitner, L., Kupfer, A., Tiefenbeck, V., Schöb, S., Staake, T. (2016), Resource conservation with Green IS: A field experiment on pecuniary and non-pecuniary strategies. AIS electronic library proceedings of the pre-ICIS SIGGreen Workshop, Dublin, Ireland, Dec. 11.
    • Tiefenbeck, V., Götte, L., Degen, K., Tasic, V., Fleisch, E., Lalive, R., Staake, T. (2016), Overcoming salience bias: how real-time feedback fosters resource conservation. Management Science, ePub ahead of print Nov. 28, 2016, doi: 10.1287/mnsc.2016.2646.
    • Tiefenbeck, V. (2016), On the magnitude and persistence of the Hawthorne effect - evidence from four field studies. Proceedings of the  4th European Concerence on Behaviour and Energy Efficiency (Behave 2016), Coimbra, Portugal, Sept. 8-9.
    • Schopfer, S., Tiefenbeck, V., Fleisch, E., Staake, T. (2016), Effect of tariff arbitrage on photovoltaic battery economics using predictive control. Proceedings of the International Conference on Energy, Environment and Economics (ICEEE 2016), Edinburgh, United Kingdom, Aug.16-18.
    • Kupfer, A., Ableitner, L., Schöb, S., Tiefenbeck, V. (2016), Technology Adoption vs. Continuous Usage Intention: Do Decision Criteria Change when Using a Technology? Proceedings of the Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2016), San Diego, CA, USA, Aug. 11-13.
    • Tiefenbeck, V., Tasic, V., Schöb, S., Staake, T. (2016), Long-lasting effects or short-term spark? On the persistence of behaviour change induced by real-time feedback on resource consumption. Proceedings of the European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2016), Istanbul, Turkey, June 13-15.
    • Kupfer, A., Kehr, F., Tiefenbeck, V. (2016), Towards a measurement scale for self-tracking: attitudes and user characteristics. Research-in-progress paper, proceedings of the European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2016), Istanbul, Turkey, June 13-15.
    • Tiefenbeck, V., Götte, L., Schöb, S., Staake, T. (2016), Better get focused: How feedback on a specific behavior can reduce energy consumption. Proceedings of the International Energy Policy & Programme Evaluation Conference (IEPPEC 2016), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 7-9.
    • Schopfer, S., Tiefenbeck, V., Staake, T. (2016) Untersuchung des Selbstversorgungsgrades und der Wirtschaftlichkeit von PV-Batteriesystemen anhand eines grossen Smart-Meter-Datensatzes. 14. Symposium Energieinnovation 2016, Graz, Austria, Feb. 10-12.
    • Tasic, V., Tiefenbeck, V. Schöb, S., Staake, T. (2015), Short-term spark or sustained impact? Investigating the long-term effect of real-time feedback. Research-in-progress paper (RIP), proceedings of the European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2015), Münster, Germany, May 26-29, nominated for best RIP paper award.
    • Tiefenbeck, V. (2014), Behavioral interventions to reduce residential energy and wa­ter consumption: impact, mechanisms, and side effects. Dissertation at ETH Zurich.
    • Tiefenbeck, V., Staake, T., Roth, K., Sachs, O. (2013), For better or for worse? Em­pirical evidence of moral licensing in a behavioral energy conservation cam­paign. Energy Policy 57, pp. 160-171.
    • Tiefenbeck, V., Tasic, V., Schöb, S., Staake, T. (2013), Mechatronics to drive environmen­tal sustainability: Measuring, visualizing, and transforming con­sumer patterns on a large scale. Industrial Electronics Society, IECON 2013 - 39th Annual Conference of the IEEE, pp. 4768-4773, Vienna, Austria, Nov. 10-13.
    • Tasic, V., Staake, T., Stiefmeier, T., Tiefenbeck, V., Fleisch, E., Tröster, G. (2012), Self-powered water meter for direct feedback. IEEE 2012 - 3rd Interna­tional Conference on the Internet of Things (IOT 2012), pp. 24-30, Wuxi, China, Oct. 24-26.

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